We met Berlin based actress, model and influencer Vivi Koenig for a chat full of interesting things.
SR: Your life and your work put you in touch with many people around the world. What do you think about the “virtual contacts“?
VIVI: I love connecting with people. And I think it’s amazing that we can connect to people all over the world through social media, learn about their culture, their heritage and their way of living. 
We can inspire and support each other and I’m so grateful for this opportunity to bring people together even if it’s „only virtual“.
SR: We are curious to know how you prepare a new work as an actress: how difficult is the process of approaching a new role?
VIVI: As I see myself at the beginning of my acting career, I am still learning so many things every time I’m playing a new role. If its on stage, in classes, or in front of the camera. I love experimenting with my body, my voice and my own imagination. I don’t see the roles as only characters but as real people with real stories which I bring to live. And that’s the thrill of it!
SR: We noticed that you have the green thumb. What is your favorite plant species?
VIVI: I absolutely adore the “Monstera deliciosa“. Every time I look at her, she reminds me of a strong, wild group of women who can’t be tamed. Every leaf supports the other to grow and become the best version of herself. And they won’t give up :-)“