SR: You handle roles as illustrator, film and video director, graphic designer and also tattoo artist. Do you see common elements in this various and different fields?

SOFIA: At first it may seem like a whole mess (I feel like a whole mess when I go from one activity to the other also). But in the end each one of them complement the other I guess. Like maybe the first thing that I think about a new video is the graphic part, and that leads to other parts; or my illustrations and my tattoos reflect on the style of my graphic work. If I sit and think about it I can see all the correlations there are. As to what they have in common, is the fact of being able to project your ideas into something everyone can see, sharing and discussing your ideas with others (clients or team), getting new ones from that. Also for each one of those “jobs” I get inspiration from all different things, for example Im obsessed with architecture and furniture.

SR: Is there specifically one of these activities that you like more? Or that makes you happier?

SOFIA: When I like what I’m doing or asked to do they all make me happy. But at this moment the one thing that Im most focused on (and now, with this quarantine situation trying to figure out HOW) is directing. It’s the one I get more joy from when things go right and the one I want to keep growing the most. 

SR: You live in Buenos Aires. How is the artistic scene in your city?

SOFIA: The artistic scene here is pretty big. I think that most of my friends and people I know are involved with art. From directors to tattoo artists to graphic designers there are people with great talent here. The only issue is that that talent and work is not always appreciated like it should, so is really tough for some people. I would love to someday go work abroad but just to experience it somewhere else.