Some days ago we had a chat with Sissi and Pat, the two amazing owners of outofuseberlin.

SR: At Studio Rotto we are in love with what you do. In outofuseberlin you promote the old with a great innovative, almost futuristic spirit. This bring us to ask you: what do you think of time and what relationship do you have with it?

S&P: We have decided to only work on projects where our heart is burning for it. Sometimes it feels as if a day has only a few hours to create everything we want. Suddenly the temperatures rise and it is summer, but we have only just celebrated the new year. Time is running out, but you can also accept this when you realize that you have created something beautiful in this time period.


SR: Give us three elements that you consider essential in your life routine (in work, free time or in any other context).

S&P: Freedom, Gratefulness For us freedom is the essential element. Doing what we want, how we want and when we think it is right is pure pleasure. This feeling brings happiness. Being happy means so much these days. We are very thankful that we have the opportunity to travel a lot and work with very interesting people. This gratitude runs through every day and keeps us awake. Since we can work completely unrestrained through outofuseberlin, we give our creative thoughts the necessary freedom. Therefore, creativity is one of the most important components to see a company not as a pure object but as a part of your life. Work does not resemble work anymore but melts with your passion.


SR: A movie and a record that you both love?

S&P: Favorite Movie: We love to watch movies on our sofa with some snacks (never without). Thrillers and science fiction movies are our favorite ones. Sissi loves to watch horror movies – but Pat hates it. The film that really connects us is a completely different one. Ratatouille is our favourite film. A children’s film in which rats are cooking makes us both very happy. The End.
Favorite Record: “Killing Me Softly With His Song” from the legendary Fugees on a tape in our yellow Mercedes Benz 200.