PHOTO CREDIT: @amieeoh

SR: We love the spontaneity of your photos. Some of your shoots seem to represent reality without too many falsehoods, is this correct?

SARA: That’s very nice to hear. My goal is always to capture authenticity. I want whoever looks at my pictures to feel intimately close with my subjects‭.‬Something my friends have had learn the hard way. I want to capture something of them that will make their loved ones say “omg that’s so her” and strangers curious to know more about them. And something that will remind myself of how lucky I am to have them in my life.


SR: You moved to Berlin from Sweden. Has the city somehow influenced your works?

SARA: Definitely. My work mainly orbits around the these two places. Being brought up in the country of “lagom” and Janteglagen (‭‬a collective thinking that promotes the idea‭ ‬of never assuming you are better or more capable than‭ ‬anyone else‭‬). Berlin has been a huge relief for me as an artist. It’s a city that openly welcomes and encourage extreme expressions and alternative minds. My goal as a photographer is to keep dissecting and portraying the melancholic nature of my home country alongside the‭ ‬shameless gender-queer scene Berlin‭ is offering. ‬


SR: What is the best environment in which you like to shoot?

SARA: My photography is dependant on the spontaneity of the people around me so my favorit set-up is to have the same group of people around me for a longer period of time in order to connect with them and have them forget about the camera. For me, every picture is a conversation in some way.