SR: Your creations have always reminded me a love story I’ve never lived, but in this FW20/21I see a different woman, a more earnest one. Are business dress take the place of wedding ones in Salvatore’s life?

SALVATORE: I am very happy that you asked me this question and that my work transpires this love story, because that is what I want to transmit, the love between my work and I, the love that I invest in research and in the packaging of my clothes, but above all, the love I have in recounting my trips, my stories through my collections. I am a romantic and optimistic person, everything that I imagine has a happy ending, “COME LA NEVE PULISCE” FW20-21 is a chapter (I hope brief) of my feelings that consequently influence my creations. The “Woman” of my FW is the same fairy, wife, mermaid or princess like before but with the need to work, think, risolve, fight with her head, to resurface into the world as a beautiful Camellia in an infinte expanse of pure white snow and finally restar


SR: You take what’s around you to immagine a story and write it by you clothes. If you have to “dress a story” picturing a future after what we are living now, how it would be?

SALVATORE: During quarantine I worked on the new collection that will be out in September (at the moment I don’t know how or in which way), with lots of doubts and worries, thinking about the kind of life that we will have, what purpose a dress will have and how useful it could be; in my opinion the purpose of a dress will remain the same, we will continue to want to feel beautiful, no matter what our routine is. We will find ourselves at the end of a dark era and we deserve a Renaissance. The next collection will be the most beautiful that I have ever done, fashion has to gift dreams and emotions. After this tragic event, my promise as a fashion designer will be to continue to work in an ethical and responsible manner for the planet.


SR: I think you have a strong link with the past. You said your work is dedicated to old people who live in the present. That’s so strong! So if not this one, what era would you have wished to live?

SALVATORE: If I had to choose an era… I would choose the future, a future as far away as possible; I am convinced that after us there will be other 1000 marvelous eras worth talking about.