SR: You believed in creativity and had success all over the world with your style. When did you experienced the turning point of your career?
ROSA: The turning point… mmm well there was one moment where life put me in a situation where i had to choose between music and all the other things i loved. i choose music. there is a saying.. “music is a very jealous girlfriend/boyfriend and it needs your attention, all day, all night” so this is what i do, i really love my work and it fills me enough to just have that one purpose.
SR: You consolidated your profile starting from a city (Mexico City) which is for sure a difficult environment. Now you are a reference in the business, how difficult was the climb?
ROSA: I have been involved with music since i was 14 or 15 years old…. i exeperimented and failed a lot jaja . so with time i finally learned how things work with the business. . but mostly is commitment , being smart, be respectful with the job, try to evolve each day, be in contact with your feelings and your soul so you can make music that really touches people… and of course i had the support of importaint people in my life.. so its a long way, but i guess it also helped that im super competitive!
SR: Before focusing on the music your creative ambitions were mostly in fashion design and we know you had a brand. Are you still managing fashion?
ROSA: No, because i stop doing almost everything to be able to make it in to music, i miss it but i love more music, maybe now that i have more time (with the pandemic going on) i will try to translate it into really cool Rosa Pistola merch.