Prince Carneiro joined "Se Telefonando" archive. The revelation NY based model has appeared on channels such as Vogue, Lewis Magazine, Mordant and many more.

SR: Prince, tell one positive and one negative thing about your work.

PRINCE: The positive about my job is you get to know celebrities and interesting people That you might see on big platforms,also the lifestyle it’s the great part . Negative about my work there’s a lot of rejection More than yes! So you just have to be persistent Who knows maybe one day a big contract will say yes !


SR: If you hadn’t become a model, what would you have became?

PRINCE: If I wasn’t a model I could be a normal guy Just living life , I could probably be a soccer player i grew up playing soccer, or I could maybe be a Dj I love music .

SR: What are your sources of inspiration? In other words: those things that help you get your work done.

PRINCE: Well most of  the time I get inspired by others normal people Sometimes when I go outside I just watch everyone style and expressions that I put them together to create one thing ! Most of the time I really get inspired on Instagram I can be on it for like 3 hours straight just looking for ideas and stuff , so to me getting inspire it’s something you have to learn from whoever you like , like me I get inspired by others creator that does well and I put my ideas on top and i always ended up doing well with any project.