SR: I know you had a “street artist past” so I think here comes from your strong relationship with colors. But I’ve also seen your work for club2club so, what’s your relationship with music? Do you find any affinity between a kind of sound and a color?  

MATTIA: It’s fun to read questions about music so often while not doing it publicly, it is one of the many experiments and inspirations that I bring to my creative flow. I usually listen to music when I create, sometimes I need “noisy” music, when instead I am already in the creative flow I need to listen to more silent music and usually it is jazz or classical one. Sounds are sensations, forms, colors, vibrations that help to resonate what you have inside.


SR: I read something on you that hit me, when you’re not with your camera, you shoot with your eyes. That’s great. How much “reality” is there in your foto? and how much “illusion”?

MATTIA: I try to create photos that can be likely by distorting the use of objects to inspire to see everyday reality differently, free from the habits that limit us. We are full of limits and I try to eliminate them by living by playing.


Your street series is so spontaneous! Shooting strangers can be very personal, but also funny at times. Do you have any “epic moment” from this?

MATTIA: Taking pictures of strangers is a challenge with my shy side, I can win by talking to strangers and trying to bring out that interesting story that each of them holds deeply. I dispense smiles when I am surprised shooting by my subjects but sometimes my smile is not reciprocated positively and I remember some really bad moments when people tried to punch me or insulted me only because I took a photo of them. In my opinion, if I shoot something or someone who is in public I am not violating anyone’s privacy, photographing is like memorizing what you see.