SR: World VIPs have supported your art and shared your filters: Kendall Jenner, Diplo, SZA, Kali Uchis and many others. Now that Studio Rotto approached you can say that you have reached the top of the world? lol Just kidding, how do you feel when such personalities supported your work?

JADE: It’s great to see someone support my work generally and it’s a pretty fun conversation topic when pop culture famous people use my filters. “Who used my filter today? Oh, Justin Bieber while singing his 2009 hit song Baby.” 


SR: Design of filters, photos, graphics in general, ect. What is the artistic form you prefer and which represents you the best?

JADE: I would say photography because it is to me one of the rawest form as it’s also a visual memory of “real” life. I also like that it’s impossible to make a mathematically perfect picture. But to be honest, I love that all forms of arts can lead to another and can be mixed together. I’ve also been thinking of exploring plastic arts more broadly. 


SR: What kind of music do you listen when you are working?
JADE: Most of the time I don’t put music on when working unless I need to isolate from surrounding noise. But when I do, I usually either listen to my latest “liked songs” on Spotify on loop or the latest releases and recommandations. Lately I’ve been very much into Thundercat, The Weeknd, MorMor, Eartheater, Oklou, Caroline Polacheck. Mostly pop (synth pop, indie pop, etc), experimental, and cloup rap, on loop!