SR: Personally I think you are one of the best in your sector in the current panorama and I love your aesthetic. What do you think is your best achievement today?

DINO: Thank you, I appreciate a lot. at the moment, one of the works I’m fond of the most is about my life, lived in third person. I’ve used some clips from tv series or film that described my teen and my actual life. You can see it here.


SR: From writing to biking to fashion. Wich one is the fastest world?

DINO: I see this 3 different worlds, but at the same time so close. There is a “fixed rule”, the speed. I got it from writing, the speed in climbing the top to become famous and well known. This happen even in the “messlife” fixed gear world, and obviously in the big fashion world. But in this one I found a totally different kind of speed, one that always changes and is never predictable. I think this is the reason why a lot of new talents came up nowdays, and get swallowed by the fashion world, always in seek of news.


SR: Where does “ZOOR” come from? Is it just your tag or something more?

DINO: Everything was born during the third day of middle school. I had a friend with a note full of his brother’s tags, “WCA”.
I immediately fell in love with this world. Milan’s streets where full of tags like DUMBO, NOCE and other big ones. One day I met one of them, ad that’s the beginning of my adventure, starting to build up “ZOOR”, being inspired by Zorro, a cartoon I used to love and gave me the idea of “scratch around”.