SR: Welcome to “Se Telefonando”. How difficult is it to find the right inspiration in this world full of shitty contents?

CARLA:  Zero percent difficult – just look at trees!


SR: In your art: do you prefer to have particular care of details or freely express your feelings? Is it possible to mix up both?

CARLA:  If i feel like challenging myself then i do something that requires more concentration, slower movement, math even — though usually, i just go with the flow, mood and rhythm that i’m feeling.


SR: We also know you as a DJ CRABBY and we shacked our ass listening to your Soundcloud (oh we love it!). Do you see any affinities between musical research and figurative art?

CARLA: haha! Definitely! I always have some music on when I am painting which I end up giving a lot of attention to – adding to playlists / getting in a hole. Listening to music and dancing has always played a large role in inspiring me, I am known to keep a notebook with me on the dance floor.