SR: Your music has many influences mixed up together in your tracks. What are the artists that have particularly influenced your music production?

BEAU: I’ve gone through a lot of different phases of listening in the past few years but a few key favourites would be Radiohead, Sufjan Stevens and Joanna Newsom. Their music is all so unique and doesn’t follow any trends.


SR: I red that in your free time you like to travel and explore. Any place that have particular influenced your music production?

BEAU: Ive been to India many times and that’s always a huge place of inspiration, new sounds and colours. I also recently visited Ukraine for the first time (I’m quarter Ukrainian) and it was nice and strange I loved it.


SR: Your release are often covered by special artworks. Do you like to follow the stylistic code closely? Or do you rely on someone you trust?

BEAU: The artwork on the songs and EP was done by Christoph Ohanian in Germany. He’s a friend of my manager and we just told him we wanted something light and a bit flowery and every idea he sent back was amazing so it was a really easy set up.