Born and raised in Los Angeles, August Eve has consolidated a truly unique neo-soul sound. Not only a singer and songwriter, she's also a performer and creative director.

SR: How many times happen (to you) to say things you wouldn’t be able to say without music?

I can be really AUGUST: blunt at times so I never felt like music was the only real way to express myself. However, I do think when I’m making music or performing, thoughts and feelings come up that I otherwise wouldn’t have landed on myself. In that way, music can be really surprising. Making music or just making art in general feels like this weird balance of introspection and connecting with others.

SR: You are often the art director of your music videos by offering a “complete package” to your audience. Do you think this can better convey the messages of your music?

AUGUST: Ultimately, I do because all of the content I create comes from me so nothing is gratuitous and everything falls in line with a bigger picture I’m trying to create. On a more micro level though, I’m a control freak and that’s just part of my personality; Also, when you’re starting out without a lot of resources, you get in the habit of just doing things yourself and I find that really fun and exciting.

SR: What are you working on in this period and what are your upcoming projects?

AUGUST: More music! This time has allowed me to go back and revisit a lot of old ideas and create some new ones too. I’m excited to put more work out now, especially in times like these where I think we all could benefit from some levity.