Amber Akilla's life is very full lately. Her days are splitted into different activities such as creative consultant, writer, DJ and model. Marked by an extraordinary personal style, the Australian-Chinese joins Studio Rotto in this new episode of "Se Telefonando".
1. Amber, we noticed that you really put a lot of energy into your multiple activities. What are the things that excite you in your work?
AMBER: Creating and exploring new ideas is what excites me. Getting to learn and experience new things and working with people I admire and respect is what keeps me going. I get in my own head a lot and every now and then I need to remind myself that working hard to progress is better for not just me but also the people around me. Even though there’s always problem solving and different obstacles, I want to make sure me and whoever I might be working with enjoys the process of what we do and can have a good time!
2. You are the co-founder of NVSHU 女 术, an amazing DJ workshop and event series focused on inclusive spaces for women, femme-identifying, non-binary and LGBTQI+ people as well as a multi-faceted creative project. Can you tell us how this project was born and what you are aiming to achieve?
AMBER: For my co-founder Lhaga (@asianayz) and I, we wanted to do something that focused on the talents of women and those in the LGBTQI community. We were inspired by the ancient Chinese language 女书 nvshū which means “women’s script”. 女术 nvshù as we write it means “women’s skill”. We both had the most experience as DJs and had a lot of people, particularly women from other creative disciplines tell us they’ve always had an interest in DJing but never knew where to start. We decided to start with a DJ workshop to introduce this skill and introduce people to each other. We’re really grateful for the people that have supported us and proud of the people that have been able to learn and connect with each other through our workshops and create their own projects. From there we expanded into events and also creative direction and production to explore other mediums while collaborating with other talented creatives. We want to encourage people to keep exploring new ideas and connecting with each other and discovering new potential!
3. Your job leads you to attend clubs regularly. What is the most exciting experience that has happened to you in a club? As a DJ or dancer.
AMBER: I love (and also miss) DJing so much. While it can be fun to have a whole dancefloor to yourself, some of the best moments have come with a full DJ booth of friends, going back to back and swapping out USBs at the end of a crazy night. Any night where I’m able to dance with my friends (and get post-club supper before attempting to take off my make up and get into bed) is a great night!